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Stahope-Seta AvCount Lite Particle Counter - SA1800-2

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18 ธันวาคม 2562

ผู้ชม 965 ผู้ชม

ASTM D975   ASTM D7619   IP 565    DEF STAN 91-091


The AvCount Lite portable automatic particle counter provides reliable results for determining the size and distribution of particles in light and middle distillate fuels, including aviation fuel and kerosene, biodiesel, low viscosity oils and hydraulic oils.

The particle counters simple operation makes testing bottle samples or on-line quick and easy, with results in under 3 minutes.

The AvCount Lite displays the cumulative, particles/ml and ISO 4406 cleanliness codes. Up to 600 measurements can be saved to the internal memory, downloaded to a PC/laptop or printed via the internal printer.


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